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White Vietnam Kratom

What Makes White Vietnam Kratom A Hot Commodity?

Kratom is quite a hot topic these days. Every week, thousands of new people have been purchasing kratom for the first time. One of the things they have been seeking with great enthusiasm is White Vietnam Kratom?

Just what is it about White Vietnam Kratom that makes it a hot commodity? Is it different from other white vein kratom strains? How does it compare to other veins of Vietnam Kratom? Continue reading for the answer to these burning questions and more!

Kratom Explained

The use of daily herbal supplements has been skyrocketing in recent years. With the rising popularity of CBD, many have been seeking other herbs to add to their daily regime.

Kratom is still a newcomer to this latest herbal craze, at least globally. Those who are lucky enough to reside in Southeast Asian countries have been enjoying kratom since the dawn of time.

By either chewing ripened kratom leaves or brewing medicinal teas, natives of countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and of course Vietnam, have been enjoying kratom for years. The exact effects are kratom are not specific to any one person, so it is difficult to properly summarize them. As well, please keep in mind that kratom is illegal in many countries as well as many states in the U.S… In addition, the FDA has not finalized their approval of kratom as more research is needed.

For the above reasons, you should always use your own discretion when ingesting any form of kratom. Stick with a low dose until you are fully aware of how kratom affects you. As such, each strain of kratom has its own benefits so these may also impact your unique experience with kratom.

What gives kratom its supposed “superpowers?” The answer lies in the multitude of organic compounds known by their scientific name of alkaloids. You can also find this matter present in nightshades, and of course coffee. This should come as no surprise as coffee and kratom are related!

Kratom, however, has a very individualized makeup of alkaloids. Some strains can contain anywhere to as many as 80 alkaloids. The common denominator in kratom strains, however, is the overwhelming presence of both 7- Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. The exact levels of these two compounds may vary from strain to strain, but together, they are the force from which kratom gains its benefits.

How to Properly Ingest Kratom

Due to the uncertainty and flexibility of its effects, kratom must only be consumed in the manner outlined in its packaging. For example, one should never exceed the prescribed amount. Of greater importance, kratom is never under any circumstances to be consumed with alcohol, as this can lead to harrowing consequences.

Here the most popular ways to safely and correctly consume kratom:

1) Kratom Capsules

Available in an array of pre-measured strengths, kratom capsules are perfect for those who wish to practice convenience and discretion.

2) Kratom Powder

Most often used as an additive to food or non-alcoholic beverages such as smoothies or shakes, kratom powder can also be used to brew homemade kratom tea.

3) Kratom Extracts

Not suitable for beginners due to extremely highly concentrated alkaloid content, kratom extracts are best in the hands of experienced kratom users.

4) Kratom Teas

Since kratom was discovered, it has been used to make herbal tea blends. These can be made using kratom powder and/or crushed or whole dried kratom leaves. In addition, many vendors stock their own specialty kratom teas.

Vietnam Kratom

As one can presume, Vietnam Kratom is sourced from Vietnam. Kratom strains are often named after the country in which it grows. However, this is not always true. For example, Thai Kratom was illegal until recently, so Indonesia took over the majority of harvesting of Thai Kratom. This is why it is almost impossible to obtain authentic Thai Kratom.

The same is true for Vietnam Kratom. Although it is one of the oldest kratom strains, it was deemed illegal for a time. Due to its recent legality, Vietnam kratom was almost an enigma. However, now as it once again is being sold worldwide, it is available once again. Keep in mind that it might still take some time, patience, and a hefty price tag to get your hands on this observed but powerful, kratom strain.

Vietnam kratom has been slotted as containing up to 25% more alkaloids than other kratom strains. For this reason, it is held in the highest regard as one of the most vigorous kratom strains.

The strength of Vietnam kratom is due to the enriched soil in the Mekong River and Au Giang Province areas. It is from these tropical areas of the country that Vietnam Kratom is sourced.

White Vietnam Kratom

White Vietnam Kratom

In addition to deriving part of its name from its country of origin, kratom is also named for the color of its leaves. Typically, kratom leaves are picked when their leaves reach a greenish, whitish, or reddish hue. Additionally, the color part of the kratom name may have been obtained from the dehydration method. In some cases, kratom strains are made from combining at least two leaf colors to form a hybrid strain.

White Vein Kratom, unlike green vein, is picked from older leaves. As it is mild in nature, green vein kratom is picked in its infancy. On the other hand, red vein kratom is harvested at the eldest time of its lifespan. This means that white vein kratom is picked at that pivotal time in which the leaves are white, which is between its youth and senior years.

This means that White Vietnam Kratom, similar to other white vein kratom strains, has a moderate vibe. It is not as strong as Red Vietnam Kratom, but it is definitely a stop up from Green Vietnam Kratom. While a beginner might feel comfortable with this strain, it is best left for those who have tried kratom a few times at least.

SA Kratom offers kratom consumers a solid selection of high quality kratom that has undergone stringent testing at a thirst party lab to ensure its purity. Stop by our store today for our latest supply of kratom powders and capsules!

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