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Wicked Kratom

Wicked Kratom – A Detailed Review

Wicked Kratom, now rebranded as Wicked Tea Company, is a popular kratom vendor that now sells herbal teas as well as a variety of other natural products. Did the translation from selling solely kratom to expanding their product line help or hurt the company?

In this review, we shall take a look at Wicked Kratom (aka Wicked Tea Company) and provide you with honest feedback about this online kratom vendor.

About Wicked Kratom

Wicked Kratom

If you haven’t heard of kratom, let us give you a little history. Although modern society hadn’t caught onto kratom until recently, it has been a popular herb in Southeast Asian culture for centuries. This ancient herb is believed to have medicinal powers and was often used to make herbal teas. Today kratom is sold in many forms, including capsules, powder, teas, and even extracts.

Even though the company recently rebranded, it had a sizable following of loyal customers who still refer to the seller as Wicked Kratom. As the company has been in business for over a decade, they have a solid reputation for selling 100% organic kratom products.

Based in the United States, Wicked Kratom sells a large selection of original kratom, including Flying Monkey, Confetti, and Red Chocolate Kratom. Once they rebranded, they expanded their product line to include homemade herbal teas, organic herbs, and a variety of tinctures.

At one point, Wicked Kratom had been alerted that one of their kratom suppliers in Indonesia had an issue with their Green Thai and Confetti kratom strains. Apparently small pieces of steel were found in several batches of these kratom stains. Wicked Kratom reached out to their customer base and asked them to closely inspect these strains for any steel fragments.

Wicked Kratom worked diligently to resolve this issue and since then has increased its quality control measures. This only endeared the company to its loyal customers. Instead of refusing to buy from this seller anymore, past customers have stated that they were extremely impressed with the way Wicked Kratom handled this issue.

Wicked Kratom Website (Wicked Tea Company)

As Kratom is banned and/or illegal in many areas, Wicked Tea Company has set some restrictions on its website. Anyone who purchases from their company must be of legal age to consume kratom. As well, they do not ship to those states or countries in which kratom is illegal.

To protect their customers, as well as their business, Wicked Tea Company requires that you first sign up for their site before entering. All you have to do is create an account using your email and a password. They email you for verification and once your account is verified, you may enter the site.

This is common practice with many online businesses these days. Due to the gray area of the legality of kratom, this step has been put in place by many popular kratom vendors.

Once your account is verified, you will have full access to their website. While it is not the most advanced kratom website we have seen, it is indeed user-friendly, and you are able to view their full line of products.

Wicked Kratom Customer Service

If you read previous customer reviews, you will find that a great majority of them have been extremely satisfied with both their products and the customer service team. You are able to reach Wicked Tea company via their corporate telephone line and email. Customers have stated that the response time is typically within a respectable 24-hour time frame or less.

As well, customers have posted only positive reviews regarding Wicked Kratom’s (aka Wicked Tea Company) shipping and return policy. Once you have verified your account, you will have full access to their company policies and procedures.

Wicked Kratom/ Wicked Tea Company Product Line

Wicked Kratom

In addition to a great selection of quality teas and other products, Wicked Tea Company also offers a variety of kratom products, including many sample packets. To give you an idea of what the company used to carry before they rebranded, here is a list of some of their top sellers from when they were still known as Wicked Kratom. Keep checking their website to see if they are still carrying these popular kratom strains.

Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

  • ¬†Chocolate Borneo Kratom
  • Dark Brown Bantuagie Kratom
  • ¬†Yellow Borneo Kratom
  • ¬†Yellow Kapuas Kratom
  • ¬†Yellow Gold Kratom

Green Vein Kratom Strains

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Riau Kratom
  • ¬†Green Damper Kratom
  • Green Cambodian Kratom
  • ¬†Dark Green Borneo Kratom
  • ¬†And many more!

White Vein Kratom Strains

  • ¬†White Dragon Kratom
  • White Sumatra Kratom
  • ¬†White Horned Maeng Da Kratom
  • ¬†White Gold Kratom
  • ¬†White Bali Kratom
  • ¬†And more!

Red Vein Kratom Strains

  • ¬†Red Riau Kratom
  • Red Buddha Kratom
  • ¬†Red Thai Kratom
  • ¬†Red Dragon Kratom
  • ¬†Red Indo Kratom
  • ¬†And many more!

As well, you can try one of their unique kratom strains by purchasing one of their sample packs, including the following:

  • Confetti Kratom
  • Red Chocolate Kratom
  • Flying Monkey Kratom

Wicked Kratom Pricing

While they may not be the ideal place to purchase kratom in bulk quantities, Wicked Kratom is one of the few vendors that offer multiple-sized packages for their customers. This helps keep down the cost for the consumer and makes it easier for customers to sample different types of kratom. For example, you can purchase small affordable samples of 10 capsules which gives you the chance to try out several different strains of capsules by purchasing multiple sample packs at a reasonable rate.

Wicked Tea Company Coupon Codes

At the present time, there are no active coupon codes for this vendor. However, it pays to keep checking as you never know when a company might offer new and exciting deals on their product line!

Final Word On Wicked Kratom/Wicked Tea Company

Although their current selection of kratom isn’t what it used to be, Wicked Kratom still sells high-quality kratom at affordable rates. They have been in business for almost a decade and have a solid customer base that vouches for the freshness and quality of their products!

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