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Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo Kratom

If you have spent any time online searching for types of Kratom, you may have come across Yellow Borneo Kratom. While it is extremely rare, you can find it for sale on a limited number of Kratom websites.

How does yellow Borneo kratom get its color? What makes it different from red, green, or white Borneo Kratom? We shall closely examine this strain to answer any of your questions in the following blog.

Kratom Specifics

Kratom is a holistic herb that grows on the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a tree unique to tropical environments in Southeast Asia. Inhabitants there have been enjoying kratom for years, either by drinking teas brewed from kratom leaves or just chewing on the leaves after being picked and washed.

Kratom is said by many to have an abundance of positive effects. Some liken it to coffee, while others say kratom is a unique experience unto itself. Either way, no one person experiences kratom in quite the same way. The FDA is holding back its official approval of all kratom products, so you might find it difficult to obtain in some areas.

This could be due to legality issues, as kratom is still not legalized in some parts. As such, there is a restriction on the age at which one can purchase kratom. And you may discover that though it is not officially unlawful to buy kratom in your state, it might be banned in your township or city. Please check the local guidelines before attempting to buy kratom.

What gives kratom its unique aspects are compounds entitled alkaloids. These organic compounds grow in strength as the leaves of the kratom tree age. For example, green vein kratom is picked at a very young age, making it somewhat mild in nature. White kratom is picked at the prime of its life, yielding moderate effects. Red vein kratom is not picked until the leaves are aged, thus making red vein kratom the leader of the pack when it comes to potency.

Kratom trees can grow to reach as high as eighty feet in height, thus making it a challenge for the farmers to harvest their leaves. However, with years of experience, they have the perfect means of cultivating these leaves at exactly the right time for each strain of kratom.

Once picked and washed, the kratom leaves are dried employing various techniques. Some leaves are dried indoors with little to no light while others remain in sunlight to dry. Other strains, such as yellow or gold kratom, are dried both indoors and out, making these trains quite unique in their own right.

Borneo Kratom

Located in the tropical region of Southeast Asia, the Borneo island can claim ownership to three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. The former owns about 73% of the total landfill of the island, thus Indonesia can add Borneo kratom to its line of powerful kratom strains, including Indo Kratom as well as Sumatra and Kali Kratom.

Experienced kratom growers on this tropical island have cared for the Mitragyna Speciosa tree for thousands of years. It takes a certain skill to properly tend to these trees and a skilled hand to know the exact time to harvest its leaves.

Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is a bit of an enigma for some. This is because there are a variety of ways in which yellow vein kratom is produced. Some strains of yellow vein kratom are formed by picking the leaf at the exact opportune time in which the vein of the kratom leaf has a yellowish hue. This is a peak time between when the veins are white, but before they turn red.

Other varieties of yellow vein kratom are obtained via the drying process. Usually, kratom growers employ a variety of techniques in order to obtain the yellowish tinge of this particular kratom strain.

In addition, some strains of yellow vein kratom are actually a hybrid of one or more kratom veins. Some may be a special blend of white and yellow kratom, while others are a carefully constructed hybrid of white and red vein kratom. Some unique yellow vein kratom blends are a rare hybrid of all three kratom veins.

This only adds to the fact that yellow vein kratom is obtained through various drying methods. White kratom for example is mainly dried indoors, while green kratom is dried mainly outdoors. Red kratom is often dried indoors for a short time but then again returned to natural lighting for a final dry. As a hybrid of one or more of the aforementioned veins, yellow kratom is indeed a special strain of kratom on its own.

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Now let’s examine yellow Borneo kratom. Obviously sourced from the Indonesian-held forests of Borneo, yellow Borneo kratom is a special hybrid of carefully tried Red Borneo and White Borneo Kratom.

Each of these veins separately is rich in nutrients and alkaloids, with Red Borneo Kratom being the strongest of the two. Therefore, this carefully cultivated blend of kratom is a unique hybrid of two of the most potent veins of Borneo kratom.

Due to its rarity, it is often found to track down Yellow Borneo Kratom. It is best purchased from a certified kratom vendor online rather than locally. You can tell if a kratom vendor is reliable if they are in direct association with the American Kratom Association.



Yellow Borneo kratom is most often sold in capsule and powder varieties. Due to its extremely high potency, you should take care when using it and avoid going over the recommended dosage. You might be able to find Yellow Borneo Kratom extracts, but as of this writing, they are very elusive and quite expensive.

SA Kratom is proud to work with the American Kratom Association to assure our customers that our kratom is 100% pure, naturally sourced, and of the finest quality. Check out our selection today but first, make sure to sign up for our newsletter. We often reward our customs with special promotions and offers.

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