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yellow thai kratom

Is Yellow Thai Kratom A Right Choice?

Those who have tried kratom might have heard about, or even sampled, yellow vein kratom. Not as common as red, white, or green vein kratom, yellow kratom is often hard to come by. This is due to its rarity as well as its popularity.

If you are the least bit intrigued about yellow vein kratom, you won’t be disappointed by Yellow Thai Kratom. One of the rarest and most elusive forms of yellow vein kratom, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Keep reading to know about this top-selling kratom strain and some brief information on kratom. Then you can decide if Yellow Thai Kratom is right for you.

Kratom Basics

It is only in the last ten or so years that kratom has become a hot commodity on a global level. Most do not know that kratom has been in use for thousands of years. Grown on the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids. Alkaloids are organic matter that occurs naturally in these trees, as well as the coffee bean, nightshades, and other foods.

The alkaloids present in kratom are said to yield many pleasing and beneficial effects. Due to the issue with its legality in many cultures, the exact effects of kratom are not promised. Each person will experience the effects of kratom uniquely. As it is either illegal or banned in many regions, please take a moment to check if it is lawful to obtain kratom wherever you live.

It is imperative that any form of kratom, as well as any strain, is to be consumed only as directed. Start off with a mild dose until you gauge how it affects you and never go over the recommended amount. It is illegal to obtain kratom under a certain age in some areas, so please check these guidelines as well as they are always changing as kratom is becoming more mainstream and accepted.

Kratom has many uses, which we will touch on briefly later. As each strain of kratom contains different amounts of alkaloids, each strain will have its own unique scent, taste, and range of benefits.

Kratom strains are named in most parts for the area from which they are harvested. For example, Indo Kratom is from Indonesia while Malay Kratom is scoured from Malaysia. However, in some cases, the name may be deceiving. Kali kratom is sourced from Indonesia, as is the bulk of Thai Kratom, as you will see below.

Another part of the name of the strain is derived from its color. In most cases, it is named for the vein color at the age of the leaves when harvested. Other times, the color comes from the manner in which the kratom leaves are dried. Yet in other cases, such as many types of yellow vein kratom, it is attributed to a combination of at least two kratom veins. The most common hybrids, though often difficult to obtain, are Yellow Vein Kratom and Gold Vein Kratom.

Thai Kratom

For almost 80 years, it was illegal to grow kratom in Thailand. It is only in the last year or so that kratom has once again been made legal. Thus, one can find Thai kratom sourced solely from this region, but it is often quite costly and is very rarely found. As of this writing, the bulk of Thai Kratom is still being harvested in Indonesia.

Regardless of where it is grown, Thai Kratom is hailed as one of the strongest kratom strains. Even its green vein variety is said to yield a stronger effect than most other green vein kratoms. However, it is still said to be suitable for beginners, especially in comparison to both Red Thai Kratom and Yellow Thai Kratom.

Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom

Now that you understand why Thai Kratom is held in such high regard, let’s take a closer look at Yellow Vein Kratom. As any yellow vein kratom is often difficult to procure, you might find yourself paying a bit more for Yellow Thai Kratom. However, those who favor this strain say it is well worth the extra cost.

As stated earlier, most yellow vein kratom is formed by blending two or more other veins of kratom. However, this is not the case with Yellow Thai Kratom. It is sourced from Thai kratom trees at a tender young age, similar to green vein kratom. Then it is dried for at least two weeks in order to achieve prime photo-oxidation. Some obscure Yellow Thai kratom blends are a special hybrid of both green vein and white vein kratom that has been exposed to the aforementioned drying process.

Thus, while it is not quite as strong as Red Thai Kratom, Yellow Thai kratom still has quite the kick. The drying process enhances the alkaloids, making them more powerful than that of the white or green variety.

Yellow Thai Kratom is best for those who have at least tried white vein kratom and are familiar with its effects. However, as it is not as potent as red vein kratom if you do wish to test its powers as a beginner, start with a very small dose. Many prefer this strain due to its unique aroma and taste.

Yellow Thai Kratom is to be consumed similarly to other popular kratom strains, It is sold most frequently as a capsule or finely ground powder. The powder may be used as a food or beverage additive as well as to brew homemade kratom tea. Capsules are famous for their discrete use and convenience. You may be able to find Yellow Thai Kratom as an extract, but it will cost a pretty penny.

Please only obtain Yellow Vein Kratom from a reputable online kratom vendor due to its rarity. This ensures what you are getting is indeed pure and untainted Yellow Thai Kratom.

SA Kratom provides its customers with a wide selection of organic, high-quality kratom. Be sure to stop by our store to check out our current catalog!

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