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Yokratom Review

In an industry full of scams and gimmicks, it’s important to ensure you are buying high-quality kratom from well-trusted vendors. Customers are becoming increasingly careful about where they purchase their kratom. If you’re one of these customers and you’re wondering if YoKratom is worth your time, this review is the place for you.
In this review, we will be examining various aspects of this vendor to help you decide if this is the right place for your kratom purchases.



YoKratom is a small, online kratom business that isn’t as talked about as some of the others. This is a red flag to some customers, considering popularity can sometimes be a determining factor in company quality, however, the vendor did originate not long ago in 2018, so they are still working to build up their reputation.

However, another thing that concerns customers is the lack of background information about the company provided on their website. Kratom consumers value business transparency and feel the best buying from vendors they can trust. Without any information about how their products are sourced, their origin, or their leadership, customers wander who Yokratom really is and why they aren’t willing or able to share more.

Despite these downfalls, Yokratom has established some sort of reputation amongst consumers based on their incredibly affordable prices.

Their website, one of the main factors about an online vendor that can hint at whether they are worth your time, is a decent, user-friendly interface that is easy for customers to navigate. Fast loading, functional design, and organization of products make the website effective and useful for customers.

However, as mentioned above, the lack of company information does concern some potential consumers and maybe a big reason this vendor doesn’t have all too great of a reputation. Customers want to know what’s in their products and where they were sourced before giving their money away.



While Yokratom offers quality strains of kratom that customers have tried and loved, their variety is lacking, with a much smaller number of options when compared to other vendors. Some strains that they do offer include Green Vietnam, Green Hulu, Red Bali, Red Hulu, Super Indo, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Green Borneo.

With a lack of lab results posted for customers to view, it is difficult for customers to really know the true quality of their products. This a big red flag to many consumers who want to know they are using pure, natural, high-quality kratom.

While there are few reviews about this vendor online, many of them are negative, with customers claiming the quality of products from this vendor just isn’t that great.


Typically, customers are leery of incredibly low-priced kratom because this may reflect low-quality products or sketchy business practices. Compared to other leading markets in the industry, Yokratom has incredibly low prices, with their product costing less than half the average price in the online kratom industry. Some reviews go as far as saying their prices are concerningly low, claiming that, the low prices reflect the low-quality products. According to several negative reviews, it appears the vendor is prioritizing profit from selling their products cheaply and having several buyers, rather than providing quality products for their customers.

Another positive aspect of this vendor, however, is their frequent giveaways. It’s not hard for customers to come by promotions and discounts when it comes to this vendor, and who doesn’t love freebies? Additionally, customers can buy items at an even lower cost by using coupons or joining the vendor’s loyalty program. When enrolled in the loyalty program, customers receive regular updates on any deals or discounts being offered.


Yokratom stands out because, when making purchases, customers can pay via credit card, a feature that is not common amongst other vendors in the kratom market, but a convenient means of payment for customers.


Customers feel they can rely on vendors that offer safe and efficient shipping. That is why this is one thing customers do appreciate about this vendor. At Yokratom, customers can choose from various shipping options, based on their personal preferences. For example, customers can decide if they want their products to be shipped via UPS, Priority Mail, USPS, or FedEx.

Additionally, Yokratom does offer same-day shipping and customers have reported fast delivery of their products.


While it is very common for vendors to lack a social media presence, some customers value that vendors are willing to use different outlets to display their passion, connect with customers, and create a sense of business transparency.

As a result, it is a bit of a downside that YoKratom is lacking in the social media department, with virtually no active social media presence. While some posts can be found on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, Yokratom itself does not operate any business social media account or page. This lack of social media presence further reflects the vendor’s lack of transparency and willingness to connect with their customers, giving many an even bigger sense that they are all about making a profit.


Customer service is one of the most important things about a vendor aside from quality. Buying online can be frustrating, and customers want answers to their questions quickly and effectively. Based on several reviews, customer service at this vendor is lacking. Without useful, convenient features such as a live chat, customers find it increasingly difficult to get issues resolved.

The only means of communication offered by this vendor is via email. This isn’t a huge downside, however, several customer reviews report negative experiences with frustratingly long wait times, such as weeks later, or simply no response at all. This factor has turned many customers away from this vendor who believes that a lack of priority in the customer service department is a lack of care towards their customers.


It is virtually impossible for a kratom vendor to only receive positive comments and be loved by everyone, however, the lack of business transparency, suspiciously cheap prices, and low-quality products are all aspects of this vendor that you may want to consider before checking this place out. If you are in the market for high-quality kratom from a well-trusted vendor, you may want to look elsewhere.

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