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Zen Kratom

Zen Kratom-Truthful Review

Kratom vendors are a dime a dozen these days so choosing the right kratom vendor can present a bit of a challenge. With wholesale distributors, online vendors, and even local suppliers, there are many places to purchase kratom. But is it of the highest quality and are you overpaying?

In this Zen Kratom review, we shall take a look at this one-time trending kratom supplier. We will only give you our honest opinion as well as facts about this vendor from our thorough research. It is then up to you to decide if this is the right vendor for you.

About Zen Kratom

While there are many websites dedicated solely to kratom, there are also quite a few head shop brands. Zen Kratom is such a vendor. They may have had a website at one time, but currently, their kratom can only be found via other vendors that carry kratom and other herbal supplements.

Zen Kratom does have one claim to fame. They were the first vendor to produce the liquid kratom shot. Kratom shots are now carried by a number of other vendors, but Zen Kratom holds the title as the first company ever to carry this now popular kratom product.

With no main website, it was difficult to find any information about this vendor. They were apparently quite popular at one point. If they did have their own site, this company has made the choice to sell their products via other vendors. This is quite common, and many people use these head shops to feed their kratom fix while they are waiting for a bigger shipment from their main kratom supplier. As head shop kratom prices tend to be extremely affordable, many turn to these head shops for a fast and affordable solution.

Even though they no longer have an active company website, Zen Kratom does have a social media presence on Facebook. However, it does not look as though this page has been updated recently, so it is no longer in use.

Does Zen Kratom Lab Test Their Kratom?

As kratom is either illegal or banned in many areas, lab testing is something everyone should be looking for in a kratom supplier. As it is not yet approved by the FDA, kratom suppliers are not required to adhere to the same strict guidelines as those products that have FDA approval.

What does this mean when it comes to kratom? Clearly, one wants to purchase kratom that is free from impurities such as heavy metals and other such cross-contamination. Therefore, lab testing is the only way to ensure that kratom sold by a particular vendor is safe for human consumption. Most kratom vendors utilize a neutral third-party laboratory facility to test all of their kratoms before it is sold.

At this time, we cannot find concrete proof that Zen Kratom subjects its products to third-party testing. Nor do they mention anywhere that they lab test their products. This could deter die-hard kratom consumers from purchasing kratom from this vendor.

Is Zen Kratom AKA Affiliated?

At one point, it looks as though Zen Kratom was indeed affiliated with the American Kratom Association. They were once listed on their list of approved vendors, however, they do not seem to be associated with the AKA as of this writing.

Affiliation with the American Kratom Association is a trait of a reputable kratom supplier. The AKA watches over their approved vendors to ensure that they are in compliance with their strict GMP guidelines when it comes to kratom. This, in addition to lab testing, is what makes or breaks a kratom vendor.

Where Can You Find Zen Kratom Products?

A quick Google search will pull up a number of both online retailers and brick-and-mortar locations that carry Zen Kratom products. While buying kratom locally is indeed convenient, it is best to purchase kratom from an online supplier. Lots of places such as gas stations, vape shops and more may carry kratom. But keep in mind that just because a store carries a product, it does not mean that they possess any knowledge about that product.

And as kratom is still a relatively new product, awaiting FDA approval, it is imperative to purchase kratom from a trusted source. This should be an online kratom vendor that is both AKA affiliated and is willing to provide proof of their latest lab test results.

However, if Zen Kratom is what you’re after, Horizon Wholesale is a popular vendor that carries many of Zen Kratom’s products.

Zen Kratom Products (and others) For Sale On Horizon Wholesale

While they do carry products from multiple kratom suppliers, Horizon Wholesale carries a selection of popular Zen Kratom products, including the following:

  • Zen Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract
  • Zen Crushed Leaf Kratom (Green/White or Red Vein)
  • Zen Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules
  • XXX Zen Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shot

In addition to Zen Kratom products, Horizon Wholesale also carries the following:

Experience Botanicals Kratom Capsules

  • Indo Leaf Kratom Capsules
  • Viva Extreme Top Shelf Kratom Extract
  • And more!

Zen Kratom Reputation

Despite the lack of AKA association and lab testing, Zen Kratom does indeed have a dedicated customer base. This is especially true with die-hard kratom enthusiasts as Zen Kratom is supposedly one of the strongest kratom products available. Zen Kratom extract is still a big seller. Many stress that Zen Kratom products should only be used by experienced kratom users as the effects are too severe for those who are new to the world of kratom.

Zen Kratom Customer Service, Shipping, And Returns

As they do not have a business website, we cannot attest to Zen Kratom customer support. However, their main seller, Horizon Wholesale, does have a solid reputation. As for shipping and return policies, these vary by site.

Final Word On Zen Kratom

Zen Kratom has been around for a while and is still going strong. If you can handle powerful strains of kratom, they might be right for you. However, the absence of lab testing is a strike against this vendor. It is up to you to decide if you wish to try their kratom capsules, crushed leaf, kratom extract, or kratom shots.

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