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Zona Kratom – Unbiased Review

The use of herbal products, specifically Kratom, is becoming increasingly common, meaning the kratom industry is booming at an all-time high. Unfortunately, with this rise in popularity inevitably comes an increase in sketchy, untrustworthy vendors luring potential customers in by making false promises and empty claims.

This is why it is important to proceed with caution when looking for the best online vendor like Zona Kratom to make your purchase. There a few questions to ask yourself to make this process a bit easier. For example, in order to be considered reliable and trustworthy, a vendor must have fair business practices, offer a user-friendly interface with a decent level of business transparency, and offer reasonable prices and quality products.

When looking at vendors and determining their reliability, it is important to look at all aspects of the brand, including their products, prices, shipping, and return policies, delivery, customer service, and more.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect kratom vendor, another tool you can use is simply looking at reviews to get a better feel for a vendor. In this review, we will be providing you with all the information you need to determine if Zona Kratom, a popular online kratom vendor, is one worth checking out.

Who Is Zona Kratom?

Zona Kratom is an online kratom vendor located in the US that sources its products directly from Indonesia. However, there is no indication of where their headquarters is located. Despite this lack of transparency though, they are still a well-reputed, popular vendor with a larger social media presence than most brands on the market. For example, their Facebook page currently has 400 likes, far more than most online kratom vendors, who typically neglect to establish any sort of social media presence at all.

Products Offered By Zona Kratom?

This vendor unfortunately isn’t known for having an extensive product line with a large number of choices, however, they do have a reputation for producing extremely high-quality products. They currently only sell 9 different strains of kratom including White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Plantation, Green Bali, Green Hulu, Green Maeng Da, and Gold Maeng Da.

All products, except for one of them, are shipped from their US base. While customers don’t have too much to choose from, previous customers still report that the products are incredibly smooth and effective. Due to the impressive quality of the products, Zona Kratom has managed to get away with having a smaller product line, and, according to online reviews, many customers do not mind.

In fact, some customers even enjoy that Zona Kratom doesn’t waste their time on a variety of specialty products, instead, they focus on perfecting the one product they specialize in, Kratom.

Cost Of Products At Zona Kratom

Zona Kratom doesn’t waste customers’ time with incredibly small order sizes. Instead, they specialize in selling bulk powders. This makes it extremely convenient for the average kratom user who is looking to buy a larger amount of kratom in one purchase. Their purchase sizes are simple and to the point. Customers can purchase items in kilos and split kilos, and, what’s even better, their prices are offered at an industry low.

This can sometimes be a red flag, considering what I mentioned above about kratom brands offering products at low prices for even lower quality. However, according to several online reviews, Zona Kratom is different. They do offer incredibly affordable prices, however, they also offer high-quality products that most customers appear to really love.

This is rare in the industry and definitely sets this vendor apart from some of the others. For their prices and quality alone, you may want to put Zona Kratom at the top of your list.

Additionally, Zona Kratom offers deals and discounts to customers who sign up as members via email. When customers sign up, they are eligible to receive deals and discounts on some of the brand’s most popular items. Promotional codes are also easy for customers to come by. By using these promotional codes, customers can save up to 10-20% off of their total purchase.

Payment Methods

Customers have both good and bad things to say regarding Zona Kratom’s payment options. Some customers appreciate that they do accept Bitcoin and some other forms of cryptocurrencies. However, unfortunately, for individuals who do not utilize these methods, there aren’t many options for payment. This is one major downside and makes it hard for some customers to purchase from this vendor, even if they do want to try out their products.


One major upside of this vendor is that there is no shipping fee, regardless of the item you are purchasing. In other words, shipping is entirely free. However, this means that customers should expect slower delivery, and, if items are delayed for whatever, reason, there isn’t much the customer can do but remain patient.

Customer Service

Zona Kratom could afford to improve a little in the customer service department. For example, the only way to contact the brand is through a Gmail address provided on their website. Additionally, unlike many other vendors, they do not offer any FAQ section or 24/7 Live chat. They also do not provide a phone number.

This makes it extremely difficult for customers to contact the brand with questions, concerns, or order issues. In an industry full of vendors that focused on making a profit alone, it is important for a brand to show they care for customers by paying extra attention to the quality of their customer service. It is a huge downside that Zona Kratom neglects to do this. However, somehow, they have still managed to uphold a decent reputation.

Final Thoughts

Although customers have complemented this brand on their excellent quality, their lack of transparency and decent customer service makes it not worth a visit.

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